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Delivers professional services in B2B and B2C logistics, organization and management of e-sales and digital marketing.

Our core competence — specialized integrated solutions for all sales channels (b2b, b2c, e-commerce), combining services in warehouse and transport logistics, IT, fulfillment, payment administration, delivery to the end consumer, a call center and Internet promotion.

Logistics company
and Logistics operations MOLCOM
Logistics B2B — warehousing and goods handling, cargo carriage
by different kinds of transport across the RF, services in customized logistics
and pre-sale preparation of goods.


MOLCOM delivers a full range of services in warehouse logistics at its own operations sites, including:

  • Accepting cargo for storage and putaway
  • Warehousing
  • Checking for completeness of deliveries and in-transit damages
  • Storage location warehousing of goods (on racks, on-the-floor, small-slot)
  • Checking cargo conditions
  • Picking and preparing orders for shipment
  • Handling return of goods
  • Inventory
  • Pre-sale preparation of goods (marking, stickering, assembling sets, packing, etc.)
  • Handling rejects
  • Making regular reports on operations conducted and on customer's requests
  • Adaptation and adjustment of business processes, developing customized effective solutions for each customer.

Logistics company MOLCOM operates on its own sites, allowing for ample opportunities to adapt warehouses to customers' needs (building refrigerators, obtaining licenses, purchasing special equipment).
The MOLCOM logistics complex includes warehouses of different kinds, which suit different goods, including specific ones.

Warehousing Warehousing
Value-added services

Value-added services

MOLCOM provides its customers with a wide range of services in pre-sale preparation of goods – adaptation to requirements of distributors, chain retailers, and so forth, including:

  • Shrink-packing with PVC and PE film
  • Blister packing
  • Stickering
  • Checking products for defects
  • Handling rejects, repacking of bulk goods
  • Bundling (co-packing)
  • Non-standard marking
  • Repacking
  • Assembling gift sets.


Cross-docking – a logistics technology that excludes the stage of keeping goods in a warehouse.

The goods from a vendor are delivered to the warehouse where orders for each shop or distributor are consolidated directly in the loading-unloading area and are shipped in several hours. Cross-docking allows chain retailers to reduce excess inventory and vendors to cut costs on shipping small lots of goods. The goods are delivered on time, and without delay and overpaying for renting storage facilities. Cross-docking is also an ideal logistics technology for processing materials for advertising campaigns.

MOLCOM adapts the cross-docking technology depending on the specific features of goods and customers' demands by offering the most effective solution for a particular business.


  • Reducing the time of delivering goods to retail outlets
  • Excluding warehousing costs.
Logistics consulting

Logistics consulting

The service is focused on increasing the effectiveness of logistics chains/models, and it includes all delivery chain links: warehouse, transportation, customs, and production logistics. The increasing competition in the commodity markets is creating tough operating conditions in practically all segments. Optimization measures to reduce logistics costs are one of the most effective methods of enhancing the competiveness of a trading or production company.

MOLCOM offers business advisory services in commodity flow management. MOLCOM experts can help identify the vulnerabilities in the supply chain, conduct an audit of procedures and recommend how to solve real problems or improve the effectiveness of logistics operations as a whole.

MOLCOM employees are experts in logistics and have a wealth of experience in implementing projects for different commodity groups.

Details on management of a customer's storage area

Transport logistics

The MOLCOM transport company provides customers with a wide range of transport and forwarding services both in Russia and for international destinations. Domestic cargo carriage is effected over intercity, suburban and urban routes. Owing to long-term contracts with trusted partners, MOLCOM has ample opportunities for organizing cargo carriage using a variety of delivery schemes. Focus destinations — delivering small and medium-size lots of cargo with small-tonnage transport to a big number of receivers in Moscow and the Moscow Region; delivering aggregated cargo within the Russian Federation; shipment of general cargo across the entire territory of the RF and to the EEU countries. MOLCOM develops and follows up on activities that reduce vehicle idle time during cargo operations, increase the throughput and effective usage of warehouses, cargo areas, motor vehicle approach routes, loading-and-unloading machines and mechanisms, and transport facilities.

We can offer you a customized solution,
for your multiple tasks.
Details on terms and conditions, calculating the fees,
 and making up a carriage order can be arranged by telephone:
+ 7 (495) 783-8888
Or by filling out the form:
MOLCOM carriage

Cargo requiring special temperature conditions

Consumer goods (household appliances, perfumery, cosmetic products, clothing, automotive parts and lubricants, etc.)

Pharmaceutical products

Off-gauge and heavy load cargo (industrial and telecom equipment, etc.)

Key services

  • Delivering cargo by different kinds of transport (automotive, air, rail)
  • "Door-to-door" courier delivery for online shops 
  • Online cargo tracking
  • Blanket insurance of cargo
  • Providing adequate security and escorting
  • Consultancy services in transport and distribution logistics, including external economic activities (EEA).
Key services Key services

International carriage

The MOLCOM transport company provides all-round service in international carriage of export and import cargo between European and Asian countries and Russia. The experience to date and professional competencies enable us organizing the process of international carriage with minimal risk and at optimal cost.

  • Working out an optimal route
  • All-inclusive service
  • Reliability and safety
  • Meeting delivery schedules.

Courier delivery

MOLCOM provides "door-to-door" courier delivery of orders across the entire territory of Russia, as well as to the Republic of Belarus and the Republic of Kazakhstan.

Courier delivery companies – MOLCOM's partners – deliver orders to online shop customers and consolidated orders to retail outlets.

To service its customers, MOLCOM uses both its own resources (forwarding agents and automotive transport) and a network of reliable partners. We collaborate only with major well-proven companies.

To manage and process orders by online shops, MOLCOM has opened an own call center that also provides services in supporting online shops and consumers.

Apart from delivery, MOLCOM offers a range of extra services, such as:

  • Collection of payments, including in cash
  • Partial return of purchases
  • Convenient delivery on weekends
  • Services of loaders in case of delivering heavy load and off-gauge goods
  • SMS, e-mail, and informing customers on the status of orders.


  • Far-reaching geography
  • Flexible delivery terms and conditions
  • Fast mutual settlements
  • 100% responsibility for goods
  • Financial reliability
  • Detailed reporting for each order.

Courier delivery

Quality policy

The service quality system is a major component of MOLCOM's effective operation.

The objective of MOLCOM's service quality system is providing premium-quality logistics services according to customers' demands and requests. It also implies persistent efforts focused to improving service quality and operational performance, and increasing customers' satisfaction levels.

Key activities in the quality area:

  • Regulation of procedures
  • Quality standards (KPI)
  • Infrastructure (warehouse/equipment)
  • Personnel management.

Details on Quality policy

Quality policy

Customs clearance
The MOLCOM-based customs logistics services help customers
meet their challenges – optimize the processes of export and import of goods,
make them less costly and at the same time faster and more convenient.

Customs logistics

The MOLCOM-based customs logistics services help customers meet their challenges – optimize the processes of export and import of goods, make them less costly and at the same time faster and more convenient. Relying on the strategic partnership with leading customs brokers, MOLCOM offers services in customs clearance

  • Cargo storage and handling at the customs warehouse
  • Declaration and customs clearance of import and export goods
  • Registration of external economic activity participants with customs authorities
  • Identification of goods (selecting the customs commodity code (FEACN)
  • Costing (calculating customs duty, taxes, fees, etc.)
  • Preparing documents and confirming paperwork
  • Assistance in receiving permits, certificates and declarations.

The availability of a customs warehouse enables MOLCOM to provide its customers with a full range of logistics services and relevant support during international carriage.
Keeping cargo at one's own MOLCOM customs warehouse is a guarantee of the safety of goods when the customs broker is processing the documents, and the opportunity of optimizing customs and other associated expenses.

At the customs warehouse, MOLCOM customers are offered the following kinds of operations in customs logistics and pre-sale preparation of goods:


The option of releasing lots of goods to free circulation in parts (required quantity)

Storage of goods up to 3 years

Preparing goods for sale, loading-unloading operations, assembly of orders, sorting, packing, repacking, marking, and so forth

Sample collection and drawing samples of goods

* Customs warehouse — a condition, during which foreign-made goods are kept under customs control at a customs warehouse during an established term (up to 3 years) without paying customs duties and taxes and without application of non-tariff control measures. Goods kept at a customs warehouse can undergo customs clearance with obligatory payments only in regard to the required quantity of goods.

MOLCOM Fulfilment
B2C logistics – fulfilment for online shops, delivery of orders, processing returns,
payment administration, call center services.

The MOLCOM Fulfilment services package covers all requisite services for effective sales management in the e-commerce channel:


  • Setting up and starting online shops
  • Promoting online shops and goods in the web
  • Ensuring order logistics from vendors to end consumers
  • Managing communication with consumers (call center, service center, hot line, etc.)
  • Processing returns
  • Administration of payments (collection, mutual settlements with all partners, reporting).
  • Assembly of orders
  • Packing
  • Personalization
    (coupons, letters)
  • Courier companies
  • RF postal services/EMS
  • Postamats
  • Collection points
  • Cash
  • Plastic cards
  • E-wallets
Sale support and development
  • Call center
  • Digital marketing

Service advantages

  • Integrated approach
  • Customized solutions
  • Personal manager
  • Attractive commercial terms and conditions
  • Quality guarantee
  • High level of involvement and responsibility for the project

Client' benefits

  • Project launching with minimal client's involvement
  • Reducing risks and costs
  • No big investments
  • Effective support and ensuring business growth due to unique marketing solutions
  • Transparent reporting at each goods flow stage
From the instant of pressing the "Buy" button
to delivering the order to the customer

The majority of producers and leading companies have opened or are planning to open online shops available to a customer at "one touch". The companies enjoy the option of extending significantly their geographical presence and having a 24/7/365 "point of sale".

If you are only starting online sales or want to boost the performance of an operating online shop, then the MOLCOM Fulfilment integrated service is what you need!

More information about the operation of the
MOLCOM Fulfilment integrated service

Information technologies
A structural division of MOLCOM offering custom IT solutions and software products
for warehouse and transport logistics, online shop order management, and digital marketing

IТ solutions for logistics

The proprietary industrial system for warehouse management wmsMLC Pro developed by the IT division of MOLCOM is the result of over 25 years of operational experience of logistics operator MOLCOM in developing warehouse business processes, designing the WMS system architecture, developing integration solutions, support and management of the IT component in the operation of modern warehouses.

IТ solutions for logistics


  • Warehouse management system wmsMLC Pro
  • Customized integration solutions
  • Developing IT processes for warehouse logistics, audit and consultancy in developing warehouse processes
  • Flexible integration platform for creating and developing e-commerce
  • All-inclusive support of the operation of online shops in the "one-stop service" mode
  • Digital marketing.

Functional wmsMLC Pro for management of warehouse operations as to quality, flexibility, speed, transformation capabilities, integration and adaptation of the system to business demands and requirements today is demonstrating a convincing competitive edge over other domestic and foreign-made systems.

Under relentless competition conditions, the requirements to operational performance are invariably more demanding, and wmsMLC Pro is being developed continuously, including warehouse robotics, introducing new technologies and approaches to automation of warehouse operations, and so forth.

wmsMLC Pro comprises ten modules, which due to their structure can be configured individually for each customer.

wmsMLC Pro enables setting up equally effectively both the operation of standard projects and create flexible solutions for involved and non-standard logistics processes. wmsMLC Pro components were developed based on a 25-year experience of MOLCOM and have been implemented in over 100 successful logistics projects.

Adjusting the integration of the customer's system with wmsMLC Pro takes place to tight time limits, and depending on project complexity, it can take from three days to three weeks maximum.

The MOLCOM automated warehouse management system is neutral as to its application areas. Using a big number of flexible parameters, it can be customized to changing customers' processes, different kinds of cargo, and a variety of kinds of handling.

Compliance with logistics processes at the warehouse and a functional simultaneously adapted to a customer is a significant feature of our WMS.

MOLCOM is continuing to streamline its warehouse management system. The proprietary WMS is the chance to always be a step ahead of logistics market demands to the level of information technologies.

wmsMLC Pro functional capabilities

  • Cargo putaway and bin location warehousing
  • Ensuring a safety stock of goods
  • Setting up accounting parameters (by date of expiry, lots, vendors, producers, weight of goods)
  • Maintaining online operation by different principles (FIFO, FEFO, LIFO, etc.) and data exchange with customer's system (import/export)
  • Automatic document generation for shipment and receiving, inventory and other operations
  • Developing optimal paths for picking and order assembly
  • Generating a variety of reports per operations.Размещение грузов и адресное хранение
WMS  capabilities
Digital marketing
Organization, management and marketing support of sales
Digital marketing

Digital marketing

MOLCOM services in digital marketing are focused to:

  • Boosting sales and improving brand awareness
  • Achieving a 100% satisfaction of consumers with service quality
  • Improving brand loyalty
  • Ensuring customer base growth, including that in conventional retail trade.

Е-marketing by MOLCOM — a wide range of advanced technologies in media advertising based on analyzing users' behavior in the Internet:

  • Retargeting
  • Dynamic banners
  • Geotargeting. Local targeting
  • Archive of consumers' profiles.
  • Quality audience.
Clients benefits

An individual approach, premium service quality, a flexible fee policy, strict adherence to laws, reliability and security are the core principles of servicing MOLCOM clients.

A key point that makes MOLCOM stand out among other companies in this market segment is its customer-focused policy. Each company using MOLCOM services will have at its disposal a unique product – a customized complex of services and a data processing system developed to customer's requirements.

Our logistics solutions adapted and developed with a focus on specific customer tasks are a pledge of effectiveness of business processes, a method for managing expenses and a viable tool for increasing the competitiveness of the goods of our customers.

Industry solutions

Automotive parts

Pharmaceutical products

Industrial cargo


Do you want to fulfil your expertise and knowledge to advantage? Pursue a career in logistics in a renown prosperous company that values fresh ideas, an initiative, individuality and encourages success?
A career in MOLCOM demands advanced mentality, creativity, responsibility and perseverance. We will provide you with a challenging and interesting job, vital for customers and capable of bringing satisfaction, and we will also take care of your personal and professional development.



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Moscow Region, town of Pushkino, Kliazma residential district,
5/1 Kostomarovskaya St.

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Human Resources Department: +7 (495) 258-41-17

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Detailed description and travel directions


Our clients

Molcom Fulfilment integrated service

MOLCOM is specializing in creating customized solutions for online shops that are adapted best to customers' requirements. MOLCOM's integrated solution for organizing and supporting e-sales fully provides for the operation of an online shop, and is intended to ensure effective interaction of all process participants, control and systemic management of risks, and project growth and development with minimal customer's involvement.

MOLCOM undertakes the responsibility of streamlined operation of all e-commerce links. By servicing Internet sales, MOLCOM is acting not simply as a service provider for one's customers, but essentially as a full-fledged partner whose key task is developing online channel sales.

MOLCOM is tracking and monitoring all processes, and MOLCOM's involvement level differs radically from providers of separate services. From the onset, we are seeing your project as a business whose key goal is sales growth. MOLCOM's involvement is comparable with the interest of the customer. Due to this, MOLCOM is striving to develop each project as a business by offering radically new approaches and ways of accelerating development, which are conditioned by comprehensive integration with all processes.

MOLCOM's own call center offers a responsible service – the call center operators at any time can provide the customer with full information on the status of the customer's order and delivery details.

MOLCOM offers all-inclusive servicing of projects built around one's own integration solution custom-developed for a customer, which weds all order flow stages. MOLCOM builds business processes adapted to a customer, rather than for a customer to "adapt" to our system and working conditions. This concerns both IT integration and all other collaboration areas.

In developing a collaboration concept, we accounted for the image and positioning of the company and products offered online. Our goal is developing an optimal operation scheme for each customer that would support and promote the customer's reputation.

Our customers receive the launching of a new sales channel that fully matches the customer's brand positioning with minimal investment and risks.

E-commerce fоr premium brands 

No longer than 5-7 years ago the opinion was that the virtual space is for the mass consumer, rather than being adapted for selling premium-class products. When buying luxury goods, the foremost point is the emotional component of the purchase and the awareness of its exclusiveness and selectness, which cannot be easily attached to the customer online.

However, the situation is changing gradually. High-end brands are aware of the significance and opportunities of the web and are attempting to find a correct strategy to bring nearer the emotional component of buying in the web to a level customary for the customer in a conventional shop.

The essential condition of promoting premium brands successfully in the Internet is securing and maintaining the unique positioning of the product and the brand. The success factors in conventional retail are ensured largely by the salesperson's efforts, whereas the main burden in the Internet channel is carried by the logistics partner or is distributed among a host of service providers. In the second alternative, the producer has to coordinate the activities of a big number of contractors and standardize the service at all stages to maintain unity of brand communications and identity – offline and online. This is a tedious and challenging process.

Collaboration with a logistics partner – a fulfilment operator – enables the premium brands to optimize their efforts. Dealing with a customer at MOLCOM is built around the "one-stop service" principle. A personal manager attends to each project (customer) and resolves all issues related to collaboration: document flow, reporting, estimate of/paperwork for extra services, online medium management and many other options.

Examples: providing (order and production control) packing materials according to customer's special requirements; designing, ordering and including personalized enclosures (letters, booklets, greetings cards) etc.

Extensive experience in handling premium and high-end class goods helps MOLCOM develop unique solutions for virtually all business processes.

Customer's warehouse management

Management of an external area (the customer's warehouse) is a logistics service widespread in Europe and the USA. In Russia, the popularity of this logistics model is increasing year by year.
In some cases, it would more practical for the customers to own a warehouse complex or lease an area directly from a developer.
However, the organization and management of warehouse processes demands profound knowledge and expertise in logistics technologies, and specific IT solutions; therefore, the companies need the assistance of a professional 3PL provider.
MOLCOM is efficiently implementing projects in management of customers' warehouses by providing premium logistics services at the locations of our customers and the cargo to be handled.
MOLCOM's service offers our customers the following advantages:

  • Core business concentration (production/sales)
  • The opportunity to use provider's experience in design and estimates, construction, purchase of equipment and IT, and in hiring personnel
  • In some cases, cutting costs on the logistics part of the business by using MOLCOM competencies and IT solutions
  • Risk minimization (ineffective employment of personnel, WMS support, etc.)
  • Quality and personalized service

The service is accessible for producers / sellers of goods requiring nonstandard storage and handling conditions, and involved presale preparation, such as:

  • Food retail chains (temperature conditions)
  • Clothing retail chains
  • Pharmacists
  • Electronics and household appliances

Команда МОЛКОМ на проекте М.Видео

Industry solutions

MOLCOM's expertise is in developing unique integrated solutions for different cargo categories.

  • Automotive parts
  • Pharmaceutical products
  • Industrial cargo

Automotive parts

The MOLCOM logistics company offers a customized solution for manufacturers and distributors of automotive parts. The specific features of this commodity group calls for a special organization of logistics processes in a warehouse.
The key feature of the automotive parts segment is its broad range comprising 5 000–15 000 items with high turnover ratios (3-4 times a month). The parts mix can include:

  • Small parts, onto which it is sometimes impossible to apply marking. Their handling requires special rack systems for small-slot storage and a special accounting system for a warehouse employee to generate an order quickly and accurately.
  • Off-gauge cargo (body parts, vehicle glasses) requiring on-the-floor storage areas for handling.

Handling and storage of automotive parts requires purchasing additional equipment, including racks for large-size body parts and fragile glass; it is also necessary to dedicate special areas for storage of tires and many other items.
MOLCOM undertakes to solve these problems. An optimal technology for ensuring logistics processes is selected for each customer. This ensures scalability of processes to cope with the growing inflow of orders during the busy season and dynamic business development.
MOLCOM's industry services package is optimal for organization and management of automotive parts logistics.
We complement conventional logistics with all-inclusive servicing of spare parts online shops. Presently, MOLCOM is implementing Internet projects for two major automotive companies.

Pharmaceutical products

MOLCOM has been providing logistics services for pharmaceutical companies since 2002. During this time, the company has accumulated a wealth of experience and implemented effective projects with major foreign producers and Russian distributors of pharmaceutical products.
MOLCOM services pharmaceutical customers at its own warehouse areas licensed for storage and handling of goods:

  • Licensed warehouse area 5,600 sq.m (with an extension option)
  • The pharmaceutical products warehouse premises are in full compliance with Russian legislation and international standards
  • The warehouse has separate zones for incoming cargo, forwarding and zones for product storage under different temperature conditions (+2 - +8 С°; +8 - +15 С°; +15 - +25 С°)
  • The interior finishing of premises is with materials allowing for wet cleaning using detergents
  • Qualified personnel.

Industrial cargo

Industrial equipment, machine tools, automotive parts, goods for the rough repair stage and decorative finishing, construction materials, plastics and many other items – cargo requiring professional logistics solutions, a special approach, and availability of a special infrastructure and equipment.
MOLCOM services industrial companies by offering a full range of logistics solutions adapted to the requirements of industrial customers and specific cargo features.
Advantages for our customers stem from the following factors:
The MOLCOM logistics complex has areas and buildings with different kinds of storage conditions (cold and warm warehouses, floor and rack storage, and open areas). The complex is located nearby the Federal M-8 highway with a convenient approach road, including for the purpose of automotive transport carrying off-gauge and heavy load cargo.
A big fleet of dedicated machinery enables MOLCOM to load and unload cargo of virtually any overall size and weight, including industrial equipment, escalators, and so forth.
MOLCOM's highly qualified personnel has been trained for rigging work; has all requisite certificates, and certificates for working with cargo requiring special handling. During work, compliance with safety engineering rules is controlled closely.
The logistics territory is under 24-hour video surveillance.
In addition to MOLCOM services in warehouse logistics, the MOLCOM transport company provides special services in carriage of large-size cargo, including:

  • Preparing off-gauge cargo for transportation (dismantling cargo assemblies and plants; if required, packing dismantled separate parts of the off-gauge cargo, etc.)
  • Controlling the process of transportation of off-gauge cargo
  • Choosing optimal routes
  • Cargo carriage paperwork
  • Special servicing of industrial cargo.

Warehouse logistics for industrial cargo distinguished, as a rule, by its nonstandard sizes and packing has its specific features. Thus, for large-size cargo (e.g., big parts of bodies of trucks – cabins with a height of over 2.5 m, long suspension components – beams, levers, etc.), MOLCOM warehouse areas have zones for floor storage; special rack constructions are installed with extra fastening to prevent tipping over. The choice of warehouse equipment is cargo-specific and depends on cargo parameters and customer's requirements. Special machines are used to load and unload large-size cargo.
The MOLCOM logistics complex also offers storage and handling of cargo requiring separate putaway by commodity groups and categories. The complex has warehouse buildings separated by bearing walls into individual bays having their own entrance and a loading dock. The topology, equipment and outfit of such brick bays are optimal for working with cargo requiring special storage conditions and handling.
During storage and warehouse handling of high-tech industrial equipment at MOLCOM warehouses, special attention is paid to maintaining temperature and humidity conditions inside the storage rooms. Excess or insufficient air humidity, sharp temperature changes and adhering dust can cause loss of serviceability of new equipment. Proper industrial equipment storage conditions are the basic premise of preserving the serviceability of this equipment.
The warehouse buildings of the MOLCOM logistics complex have modern fire protection equipment. Our personnel undergo training for handling special industrial cargo to guarantee high standards of meeting fire safety regulations.
For industrial companies, such as producers and retailers of DIY segment goods (home and repair products), an optimal alternative is the simultaneous availability of several kinds of warehouses: class А – for decorative items and kitchenware; class B – for storage of off-size finishing materials (laminated flooring, parquet flooring, and ceramic tiles); class С – for materials used in the rough repair stage. The combination of several kinds of storage in the territory of the MOLCOM logistics complex, including open-area storage allows optimizing customer's expenses on warehouse storage within one area.
Handling industrial cargo is one of the focus lines of activity for MOLCOM. The premium quality service and extensive competencies are a confirmation the customer portfolio, among whom are leaders in the industrial segment - BASF, Exxon Mobil, Idemitsu and others.

Logistics Park MOLCOM

MOLCOM has its own general-purpose and specialized warehouse buildings with a total area of over 150 000 sq. m, administrative and office premises, and open class A and B areas.

The MOLCOM logistics complex is distinguished by an economically advantageous location – the 12th kilometer of the Yaroslavl Highway (М8). This provides fine transport access with both Moscow and major transport routes. The terminal is equipped with high-end industrial equipment and machines; a significant part of the processes is automated. Irrespective of the ERP (IT) system the customer is using, we set up a joint interface for online data exchange: automatic receipt of requests for assembly and shipment of orders, stock reports, etc.
The huge resources and the potentialities of the proprietary automated warehouse management system (WMS) enable MOLCOM to solve any customers' tasks.
Cargo safety is provided by the MOLCOM multilevel security system, including the following:

  • A system for 24-hour video surveillance of the logistic complex territory and the area inside the buildings
  • Multifaceted physical security
  • An electronic access control system
  • A stand-alone sustainability system (backup power sources and communication lines)
  • Fire and security signaling
  • MOLCOM's liability as a logistics operator is covered by all-risks insurance.

warehouse class AClass A warehouse buildings are built in compliance with accepted standards for premises for storage and handling of quick turnover cargo. Class A buildings meet the latest international requirements for such type of storage buildings.

Unique class B brick buildings, separated into individual isolated bays than can accommodate different cargo, including those requiring special storage conditions, and can service simultaneously over a dozen cargo receivers.

Все операции, процессы, методики работы осуществляются по разработанным и утвержденным в МОЛКОМ Стандартам.

Необходимые квалификационные требования работников (необходимые знания, навыки и опыт для выполнения должностных обязанностей) определены в должностных инструкциях.

Систематизированные внутренние аудиты  включают в себя требования к соблюдению технологии обработки товара, качеству хранения, санитарному состоянию склада, нормам и требованиям охраны труда и противопожарной безопасности, контроль технического состояния оборудования и другие элементы.

Для Клиентов открыта «внешняя» часть системы менеджмента качества - показатели (KPI), которая дает возможность объективно оценить работу логистического оператора.

МОЛКОМ занимается поддержанием и развитием персонала системно, причем, как штатного, так и временного. В целях достижения необходимой компетентности проводится обучение работников:

  • При приеме на работу;
  • При переводе на другую должность;
  • В случае изменения технологических/бизнес процессов.

Высокий уровень квалификации работников склада поддерживается постоянно: ежегодно проводится аттестация, по итогам которой готовится программа обучения, тренинги. Программа мотивации основана на объективной оценке работы сотрудников через индивидуальные KPI, позволяет эффективно стимулировать каждого члена команды.


Cost of services

How did you learn about us?

Cost of services

How did you learn about us?

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Travel by automobile:

GPS coordinates: 37.858791, 55.977599

From MKAD, go for 12 km along the Yaroslavl Highway to the "Pushkino. Ivanteevka" sign. Make a U-turn to Moscow: for this, turn right after the "Pushkino. Ivanteevka" sign, then after 150-200 meters turn left at the light. After the bridge, turn left at the lights and go for about 800 meters along the Staroyaroslavsky Road to the Yaroslavsky Highway exit to Moscow. After 100-200 meters after having exited to the Yaroslavsky Highway, you will see the MOLCOM sign; immediately after the sign turn right and go straight to the lift gate and checkpoint No. 2.

Travel by public transport

From Moscow:

Use any kind of transport with a route along Yaroslavl Highway from Moscow to Pushkino, Ivanteevka, and Sergiev Posad. Before the turn to Ivanteevka, get off at the "Sanatorium Rusakova" stop, cross at the traffic lights to the opposite side of the Yaroslavl Highway, then walk about 100 meters along the Yaroslavl Highway in the direction of Moscow to the MOLCOM sign, turn right and walk 150-200 m to the lift gate and checkpoint No. 2.

From the Kliazma station, Yaroslavl railway:

From the Kliazma station, take public taxi bus 19 to the turn to Nikitinskaya street. From the turn, walk about 100 meters to the concrete guard wall and further along the wall to checkpoint No. 1.

From the Pushkino station:

From the Pushkino station, take the public transport in the direction of Moscow, Korolyova, and Mytishchi (Buses 451, 44 or 42, or public taxi bus 45) to the "Sanatorium Rusakova" stop. Next, walk about 100 meters along Yaroslavl Highway in the direction of Moscow to the MOLCOM sign, turn right and walk 150–200 m to the lift gate and checkpoint No. 2.

The results of the "Logistics operator of Russia" rating have been finalized

MOLCOM is the best in the "Regional Distribution Center" 2016 nomination. On 21 July, the results of the "Logistics operator of Russia" rating for 2015 were announced in the Crown Plaza Hotel. MOLCOM was the best in the "Regional Distribution Center" nomination.
The "Logistics operator of Russia" rating is held annually by the Eurasian Logistics Association for 14 years, and gives an unbiased assessment of the development of the logistics service market. Foremost Russian 3PL and warehouse operators, as well as freight forwarding companies take part in the rating. For three years, MOLCOM has been the leader in the "Regional Distribution Center" nomination.
Albert Akopian, Director General of the MOLCOM logistics company commented on this event: "Taking part in a rating is an opportunity to assess the level of our service, step back and look at oneself, and compare ourselves against our competition. We are proud that for three years in a row we are the leaders in the rating among regional distribution centers. This empowers us and is an incentive for pushing ahead. The company is facing yet more challenges, which we will undoubtedly overcome".

MOLCOM has started servicing GNC

GNC is the world leader in producing vitamins, minerals and sports nutrition supplements, and it has become the customer of the Russian logistics company MOLCOM.
MOLCOM provides GNC with services in management of virtually all supply chain links: warehouse and transport logistics, as well as cargo customs clearance.
GNC is a producer of a broad mix of natural vitamin and mineral complexes, sports nutrition supplements, antioxidants, cleansing programs and many other products developed for a wide circle of consumers. Today, GNC has over 8,500 specialty shops worldwide, and company representative offices have been opened in 56 countries.
The brand appeared in the Russian market in 2015. Today, GNC products can be purchased in 14 company shops, via a broad network of distributors or in the company e-shop.
Yelena Yegorova, Director General of GNC Russia, explained: "When choosing a logistics partner, we focused on several criteria. First, the opportunity of "one-stop" servicing. Second, a convenient location from the viewpoint of our distributors. And, of course, the commercial side of the issue."
An equally important factor is MOLCOM's experience in servicing pharmacy and food retail chains, and the relevant infrastructure – licensed warehouse areas for pharmaceutical products.
In turn, Albert Akopian, Director General of MOLCOM, commented on starting collaboration: "We thank GNC for choosing our company as a logistics partner. Apart from implementing a remarkable business project, we are glad to have a chance to make our, even if a small, contribution to shape the culture of healthy nutrition in the Russian people."
GNC (General Nutrition Companies) is world leader in the production of vitamins, minerals and sports nutrition supplements. The company was founded in 1935, with the main office in Pittsburgh, USA.

MOLCOM has started collaborating with MADI

MOLCOM and the Moscow Automobile and Road Construction State Technical University (MADI) have combined their efforts in training students majoring in "Logistics and Supply Chain Management". Within the framework of implementing the project for setting up a succession pool, MOLCOM is closely involved in organizing hands-on training for young professionals.
In July 2016, MOLCOM held guided tours in the territory of its own logistics complex for the students of the Management Faculty who are majoring in "Logistics and Supply Chain Management".
Within the framework of this guided tour, future professionals were acquainted with the key aspects of warehouse logistics: the basic principles of organizing warehouse topology, a variety of storage systems and the specific features of handling goods of different categories, as well as with the operation of a modern WMS system.
"A welcome surprise was that virtually all students had demonstrated their profound interest by asking professional questions about the operation of the warehouse complex, noted Igor Susanov, MOLCOM Operations Manager. We believe that some of these students will soon undergo full-fledged practical training at MOLCOM, and what is best, they perhaps will become our colleagues."
Sergei Dikolov, PhD, Assistant Prof. with the MADI Logistics Chair, responded to the activity results: "The MADI first-year students who visited MOLCOM had the opportunity of seeing the practical side of logistics, in particular, the warehouse complex operations. The students were explained in detail of how intricate the system of a modern warehouse is: they got an idea of the history of its setting up and the technical facilities that boost warehouse operations".

MOLCOM has received a certificate on increasing the customs warehouse area

In early July 2016, MOLCOM received a certificate on increasing the area of the customs warehouse from 2.000 to 3.600 sq.m.
Extending the customs warehouse area was dictated by the needs of MOLCOM's current customers, as well as by an increasing number of requests for relevant services that were coming from importers of goods.
Along with increasing the area for customers, MOLCOM gained access to customs warehouse services in palette, box and piecewise handling of goods, as well as to services in labeling and cargo customs support.
MOLCOM is a professional logistics operator that has been providing customs warehouse services since 1993.

Outside inventory

MOLCOM is presenting a new service – outside inventory.

Building on its many years' experience in commodity management, as well as on a dedicated IT system and a proprietary resource base, MOLCOM's professional team is offering a new service – outside inventory at the customer' facility.
Outside inventory will save customer's expenses on overtime work of one's own employees and will ensure an unbiased and high accuracy of estimates. For inventory, the customer can choose any time convenient for him – even weekends and holidays.
Depending on customer's needs, MOLCOM's team of professionals is always ready to go to the commodities inventory site and provide methodological assistance in organizing it.

This service is intended for wholesale and retail trade shops, production enterprises and distributors, warehouses, pharmacies and other customers.

MOLCOM has started servicing the SsangYong online shop

Logistics company MOLCOM has signed a contract with the SsangYong Company for all-inclusive servicing of the online shop and sales support at all stages of the order flow — from the warehouse to the end consumer.

"The SsangYong we-shop was started in 2014. During two years we dealt with courier services, payment services and a variety of other contractors directly. However, the dynamic growth of online sales demanded big efforts and resources for managing processes and maintaining an adequate level of customer service. Before transferring the online shop logistics for outsourcing to MOLCOM, we had an experience of dealing with other companies. Unfortunately, it was not so effective as I had planned. As distinct from these companies, MOLCOM, owing to its long track record in e-commerce projects and exclusive competencies, and a developed infrastructure, became our first-rate partner. This was especially notable at the stage of growing sales. The SsangYong online shop demonstrated a high level of customer service", explained Mikhail Aleksandrovich Fedorchuk, Director General of SsangYong in Russia.

The SsangYong online shop offers its customers over 80,000 names of parts and accessories for Korean SUVs. Besides, the online shop provides the option of picking package offers for maintenance.
The process of implementation of the SsangYong online shop MOLCOM-based project had its interesting features from the viewpoint of organizing interaction with a customer and the special features of the goods. The first project feature was that, on the customer side, several legal entities took part in the project. With account of this factor, the most challenging tasks were coordinating the activities of all legal entities — project participants, and accounting for the interests of all parties and setting up information exchange between them.

The second feature was the SsangYong product mix comprising a big amount of items with different prices and sizes, starting with nuts and ending with big car body components. Hence, it was necessary to account for all the nuances of each stage of the order life cycle (storage of goods, picking, delivery, payment, etc.) and find optimal alternatives for process organization.
Albert Akopian, Director General of MOLCOM, shared some interesting details: "Not all courier services are ready to deliver costly parts, such as a gearbox costing several hundred thousand roubles, and still fewer companies are willing to be an agent for guaranteeing respective payments. Hence, the priority task for the MOLCOM team was to foresee and explore all likely situations related to order preparation, delivery and payment".
The services that the MOLCOM call center provides within the SsangYong project are worth mentioning as a separate point. Apart from standard services in accepting and confirming orders and consulting customers, the call center employees perform reservation of goods directly into the customer's account system — they choose goods needed for making up orders and "send" them to the MOLCOM warehouse. Such activities in the SsangYong stock management system have become possible due to in-depth integration of processes and customer's trust in MOLCOM.

MOLCOM was among the top-3 best European partners of BP in warehouse logistics

The BP Company has finalized the results of the international contest "Best Supplier of the Year".

According to contest provisions, in all countries and regions where BP divisions are operating, the key performance indicators of key partners, including those in logistics, were tracked during a year.
At year-end 2015, MOLCOM achieved the specified indicators by 100%, and was among the best partners, along with companies in Italy and Belgium.

Albert Akopian, Director General of MOLCOM, valued this event highly: "BP is a transnational corporation whose brand is known worldwide, and including MOLCOM in the group of best suppliers of such a company is a landmark event for us. Being among the TOP-3 suppliers, we have received an unbiased proof of the premium quality level of MOLCOM's service and compliance of our performance with relevant requirements, including those stated in international standards. Such high performance indicators are the result of streamlined operation of all MOLCOM departments and close collaboration with the customer's team. At the same time, our partner's high opinion of MOLCOM's performance is the best incentive for further development and for achieving outstanding results in the future".

Customer service expert/Call center operator


  • Консультирование и пост-продажное сопровождение клиентов по изменениям заказа, возврату и обмену заказов, отработке запросов по браку и гарантийным случаям
  • Разрешение жалоб и претензий клиентов (как конечных потребителей, так и B2B клиентов )
  • Письменные коммуникации с клиентом через каналы рассылки на сайте, через группы и социальные сети (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Vkontakte)
  • Сопровождение, продажи и консультирование через чаты: онлайн-чат сайтов, мессенджеры Whatsapp, Viber, Telegram
  • Маркетинговые опросы по удовлетворённости сервисами, продуктами, анализу потребности клиентов
  • Обработка, разрешение и снятие отзывов с Яндекс Маркета, позиционирование и продвижение имиджа компании в социальных сетях и форумах


  • Обязательный опыт работы в области сопровождения клиентов, в колл-центре интернет-магазинов, службы такси, МФО и банков, Helpdesk подразделения (в любом качестве, но в линии звонков или письменных коммуникаций).
  • Желателен опыт из клиентского опыта E-commerce проектов или банков и страховых компаний и маркетинговых агентств по опросу и анализу аудитории.
  • Сферы бизнеса: желательно много вариативный ряд товаров и услуг, одежда, косметика, машины, техника, строительные материалы, спортивные товары, банковские продукты, детские товары и зоотовары)
  • Личные характеристики
  • Грамотная конструкция речи, письменная грамотность, умение красиво и ладно выражать мысли;
  • Склонность разобраться в большом потоке информации, умение оценивать и анализировать информацию;
  • Искренняя любовь к работе с клиентом и желание помогать;
  • Самостоятельность, ответственность, сильная логика и коммуникабельность в контактах;
  • Внимательность, аккуратность, структурное мышление.


  • Работа в крупной стабильной компании;
  • Оформление в соответствии с ТК РФ с первого дня;
  • Высокая белая заработная плата (конечный уровень обсуждается с финальным кандидатом на собеседовании). Выплата производится 2 раза в месяц;
  • Офис расположен на собственной территории;
  • Собственная охраняемая парковка;
  • График работы: 2/2 с 9 до 21 часов
  • Место работы: г.Пушкино, 13 км от МКАД по Ярославскому шоссе.

По вопросам трудоустройства или открытых вакансий: +7(495)258-41-96
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Warehouse Supervisor

  • Обязанности:
  • Руководит работой склада по приему, хранению и отпуску ТМЦ, по их размещению с учетом наиболее рационального использования складских площадей.
  • Обеспечивает сохранность складируемых товарно-материальных ценностей, соблюдение режимов хранения, правил оформления и сдачи приходно-расходных документов.
  • Организует проведение погрузочно-разгрузочных работ на складе с соблюдением норм, правил и инструкций по охране труда.
  • Принимает участие в разработке и осуществлении мероприятий по повышению эффективности работы складского хозяйства, сокращению расходов на хранение ТМЦ.
  • Принимает меры по обеспечению сохранности грузов при погрузке и выгрузке, хранении на складах.
  • Обеспечивает расстановку сотрудников по объектам и видам работ
  • Организует ведение учета рабочего времени и состава работ в рамках проектов на отдельных логических складах складского комплекса.
  • Формирует оперативную отчетность для клиентов и руководства компании
  • Планирует необходимый качественный и количественный состав группы проектов, отслеживает результативность и производительность каждого работника
  • Инициирует и участвует в проектах по оптимизации складского хранения, бизнес-процессам склада, формированию топологии, автоматизации проводимых операций и сбора аналитики.


  • Аналитический склад ума.
  • Умение работать в режиме многозадачности.
  • Опыт работы в аналогичной должности в крупных логистических компаниях (складских операторов) не менее 3 лет. Рассмотрим кандидатов из сферы производственной логистики (внутризаводской).
  • Опыт организации работ на складах площадью от 10 000 кв.м, с товарным ассортиментом от 5000 SKU.
  • Готовность реализовать свои знания технологий складской обработки грузов различных типов грузов в т.ч. опыт работы со штучным товаром.
  • Знание нормативных актов складского документооборота, требований учета товарно-материальных ценностей.
  • Знание отраслевых правил по организации работ в части охране труда и техники безопасности, пожарных и экологических норм, правил утилизации.
  • Уверенный пользователь ПК (MS Office, WMS).
  • Желательно наличие собственного автомобиля.


  • Работа в крупной стабильной компании;
  • Оформление в соответствии с ТК РФ с первого дня;
  • Высокая белая заработная плата (конечный уровень обсуждается с финальным кандидатом на собеседовании). Выплата производится 2 раза в месяц;
  • Офис расположен на собственной территории;
  • Собственная охраняемая парковка;
  • График работы: 5/2 с 8 до 17 часов;
  • Для сотрудников без автомобиля организован бесплатный корпоративный транспорт из городов Пушкино, Ивантеевка, Красноармейск, Сергиев Посад, пл.Клязьма;
  • Место работы: г.Пушкино, 13 км от МКАД по Ярославскому шоссе.

По вопросам трудоустройства или открытых вакансий: +7(495)258-41-96
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Sales manager (warehouse logistics services)


  • высшее образование (желательно в сфере логистики);
  • опыт работы в продаже услуг (складская логистика, транспорт) не менее 3 лет;
  • знание бизнес-процессов складской логистики;
  • знание английского языка на уровне не ниже upper intermediate - для ведения переговоров и деловой переписки;
  • опыт холодных продаж;
  • умение делать активные продажи;
  • организованность и способность к планированию (умение определять планы действий, графики и контролировать их соблюдение);
  • умение работать в команде и индивидуально;
  • коммуникативные способности (умение говорить ясно, четко и с учетом особенностей собеседников, как при общении с отдельными людьми, так и с группой);


  • Поиск и привлечение новых клиентов
  • Подготовка коммерческих предложений согласно запросам потенциальных клиентов и тендерным заданиям
  • Знание рынка конкурентов и тарифов на услуги
  • Ведение переговоров и согласование тарифов
  • Договорная работа
  • Запуск клиента на складе
  • Передача клиента в отдел ведения ключевых клиентов
  • Отслеживание маржинальности после запуска (через 3-6 месяцев после запуска)


  • Работа в крупной стабильной компании в команде профессионалов;
  • Высокая официальная заработная плата;
  • Оформление в соответствии с ТК РФ, полный соц. пакет;
  • Возможность карьерного и профессионального роста и развития, повышения квалификации;
  • График работы: пятидневная рабочая неделя 9-18
  • Для сотрудников без автомобиля организован бесплатный корпоративный транспорт из городов Пушкино, Ивантеевка, Красноармейск, Сергиев Посад, пл.Клязьма
  • Место работы: г.Пушкино, 13 км от МКАД по Ярославскому шоссе

По вопросам трудоустройства или открытых вакансий: +7(495)258-41-96
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Business Analyst/Project Manager

Основная функция: разработка и оптимизация технологии обработки грузов клиентов, описание бизнес-процессов и разработка технологических инструкций


  • Умение работать «за рамками» - креативность в решение проблемы
  • Опыт описания бизнес-процессов склада;
  • Желателен опыт работы в логистической компании (складская логистика);
  • Желателен опыт работы в WMS;
  • Знание основ менеджмент качества;
  • Знание основ нормирования труда;
  • Важен опыт в планировании ресурсов склада
  • Желателен опыт внедрения WMS систем;
  • Желателен опыт использования среды Visio, Business Studio;
  • Желателен опыт использования нотаций BPMN 2.0.


  • Определение, расстановка приоритетов, обобщение условий и требований клиентов нашей компании;
  • Определение, расстановка приоритетов, обобщение условий и требований складов;
  • Определение, оценка требуемых ресурсов;
  • Сопоставление требуемых ресурсов с имеющимися;
  • Подготовка ТЗ для настройки и/или доработки WMS;
  • Подготовка запросов в IT-департамент на предоставление требуемых услуг;
  • Тестирование измененных процессов;
  • Повышение эффективности бизнес-процессов в соответствии с заданными параметрами


  • Работа в крупной стабильной компании;
  • Оформление в соответствии с ТК РФ с первого дня;
  • Высокая белая заработная плата (конечный уровень обсуждается с финальным кандидатом на собеседовании). Выплата производится 2 раза в месяц;
  • Офис расположен на собственной территории;
  • Собственная охраняемая парковка;
  • Право выбора начала рабочего времени: пятидневная рабочая неделя с 8 до 17 или с 9 до 18 часов;
  • Для сотрудников без автомобиля организован бесплатный корпоративный транспорт из городов Пушкино, Ивантеевка, Красноармейск, Сергиев Посад, пл.Клязьма;
  • Место работы: г. Пушкино

По вопросам трудоустройства или открытых вакансий: +7(495)258-41-96
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July, 2016
July, 2016

Winner of the "Logistics operator of Russia" rating as of year-end 2015 in the nomination "Regional Distribution Center".

December, 2015
December, 2015

MOLCOM was among the TOP-5 market leader companies as of year-end 2014..

November, 2015
November, 2015

Winner of the "Logistics operator of Russia" rating as of year-end 2014 in the nomination "Regional Distribution Center".

December, 2014
December, 2014

The MOLCOM warehouse complex was certified to the SQAS standard, which is a unified system to evaluate the quality, safety, security and environmental performance of Logistics Service Providers and Chemical Distributors since 2011. In December 2014, according to the results of the scheduled audit, the certificate was prolonged.

July, 2013
July, 2013

Winner of the "Logistics operator of Russia" rating as of year-end 2012 in the nomination "Regional Distribution Center".

June, 2012
June, 2012

Winner in the nomination "Pioneer in the logistics industry and supply chain management in Russia" in follow-up of the "Logistics operator of Russia 2011" rating.

December, 2011
December, 2011

Тhe MOLCOM warehouse complex was certified to standard SQAS, which is a unified system to evaluate the quality, safety, security and environmental performance of Logistics Service Providers and Chemical Distributors since 2011.

June, 2010
June, 2010

"Market Leader" diploma in follow-up of the "Logistics operator of Russia 2009" rating.